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Opportunity is Knocking - Tue, 18 Aug 2009
Well you hear the claims day after day. You get them by e-mail (in bulk) and anytime you do a search on the major three search engines looking for an affiliate income opportunity or other business opportunity. Look at some of the claims straight out of my junk mail folder:

  • How Would You Like To Earn Money Doing NOTHING?

No wonder so many people send me e-mails asking why they have to invest a few dollars in a legitimate opportunity. Take for instance a business that I have recommended before on this income opportunity blog… The brain child of Tissa Godavitarne a self proclaimed “non guru” What is his business? Acme People Search.

Unknown too many people is that the information posted on this blog is not just a random monetization effort by me. No – I actually test various business opportunities, MLM, affiliate marketing programs and other ways to make money online. Separating fact from fiction, real opportunities from scam. That is how I came across Tissa Godavitarne and Acme People Search.

Here is what my research revealed: A business model that had all the factors any good business should have. Multiple streams of income, low up front financial investment, a system than can be duplicated and high upside profit model. Tissa has put a lot of though and work into a huge people search opportunity based around affiliate marketing and managed web hosting service promotion with residual income.

The power of Acme People Search is in how it brings together multiple top rated companies and gives you the tools to monetize in a proven niche.

What about those who cry “Acme People Search scam”? I have read the reports and time and time again those who cry scam were unwilling to do the work, invest the time and money necessary to treat this as profitable business opportunity. Here is a legitimate company being miss-characterized by people looking to get rich quick.

Yes Tissa Godavitarne has created a legitimate business where people can make up to $500, $1,000 or $5,000 a month or more. No scam just good business – Acme People Search

- zzscott


Why can't I make Money Online? - Sat, 15 Aug 2009
This is a very interesting question that people ask often. the truth is people make money online every day. There is no reason why you can't do the same. think about it like this. Many people don't make money offline - that is right they are generally referred to as the unemployed. The Internet is not some magical money machine. When it comes to making money online there are online jobs that pay set amounts of money for a service, like taking a survey or typing etc.

There are also business opportunities like selling affiliate products or goods and services. To many times people join a business opportunity looking for a job. but online is just like offline. In general people get paid for what they know not what they do. Why do some people working an offline job make $65 an hour while other make $40, $25, $15 or even $7. It generally has to do with what you know.

That's why people go to school to learn enough to get paid a greater amount. Doctors and lawyers spend 8 rigorous years developing their knowledge to make hundreds of dollars an hour. The same rules apply online. If you have little knowledge and attempt to get rich online it is likely that you will be disappointed and be one of the people yelling scam at very legitimate opportunities.

We are an inpatient people. We think if we can't be making a thousand a week inside of 30 days the business if a scam, joke or unobtainable. The reality is that that kind of thinking is JOB thinking not business thinking. Amazon lost money for 8 years before it turned its first profit. That is business, looking long term at a business viability and profitability.

I personally have been 3 months, 9 month and over a year in some of the businesses I started before I enjoyed the fruits of my labor. If you are saying to yourself you can't wait that long then you should not be looking for the make money online business opportunity at this time you should be looking for a job. Get a job and invest in learning to be skilled at online marketing and ease your way into a business knowing that "get Rick Quick" does not exist and if you do this you will find that you are much more capable of making money online.

- zzscott

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